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Company introduction
Development history
Company honor
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     Guangdong Chaoli Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995.We are one of comprehensive Private & high-tech enterprises which specializing in R&D,design, production,test and sales of micro DC motor and also the one which obtaining the certification of ISO9001:2015 QMS and ISO14001:2015 EMS meted by SGS.
     In 2015, the company restructured into joint-stock Co., Ltd., renamed the Guangdong super power motor Limited by Share Ltd, 2016 officially listed three new board, the stock name chaolimotor, the stock code 836773.
     We have eleven ranges of products covering more than 2000 products such as coreless motor, brush core motor, brushless motor, flat vibration motor , gear Motor and micro generator, etc. Our products has been widely applied on intelligent toys, cell phone, car-purpose electronic equipment, household appliance, personal care equipment, automatic control equipment, medical apparatus, instrument and meter, etc.
     The well-known quality allows "CLCZH" identified as " Guangdong Famous Trademark " ,rated as " Guangdong Top Brand " and awarded the national high-tech enterprises certification by the government bodies. Our company has owned 20 items of patents, among of them, the substantial breakthrough in the aspect of coreless motor is honorably meted the Substantial Technical Breakthrough by Guangdong Scientific Bureau, and access to scientific and technological achievements appraisal. We have a professional, excellent quality control team, with the testing center for DC micro motor , in order to conduct strict control on the quality of our motors.
      Through 20 years of development and accumulation, Chaoli Motor now has become one of the largest and most powerful micro motor manufacturers in East Guangdong Area. “CLCZH” products are not only sale well in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and are also successfully in Hong Kong ,Taiwan and the international market. 

Corporate  Philosophy 

Our philosophy

  Practice ,innovation management, professional dedication and teamwork is a major component of the Chaoli enterprise’s Philosophy. This strategic choice is what drive us towards technological excellence.

Our policy

  Quality policy—by concerting  teamwork and ensuring continuous quality improvement.

  Environment policy—by full participation and compliance with laws ,by regulations focus on continuous improvement and environmental protection .

  6S policy—by improving environment and guarantee of quality, by creating atmosphere and enhancing the image.

Our goal

  By making a brand advantage and leading the industry pioneer.

  People oriented, seeking common development with individual ,suppliers, customers, enterprises and society.

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