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1995 ¡°Chenghai Chaoli Motor Factory¡± was established.
1995 the first one product¡ªFA-130 Micro Motor was created.
1998 the first motor assembly & production line was established.
2001 the enterprise changed its organizing type into corporation limited and changed its name as ¡°Shantou Chenghai Chaoli Micro Motor Co.,Ltd.¡±
2002 it was awarded the ISO9001:2000 QMS Certification.
2008 it became ¡°the Nationwide Associative Member of Micro Motor & Component Industry¡±.
2008 it was approved for registration of Trade Mark ¡°CLCZH¡±under the permission of State General Trade Mark Bureau.
2011 it changed its name as ¡°Guangdong Chaoli Micro Motor Co.,Ltd.¡±
2011 it comprehensively introduced automatic motor for manufacturing and assembling the machine.
2011 it obtained ISO9001:2008 QMS Certificate meted by SGS.
2011 Shenzhen Branch was established.
2011 it became deputy member unit of Chenghai Toy Association.
2011 it became ¡°Enterprise Campus District ¡± of Shantou Chenghai Vocational Technical School.
2011 it was successively for years awarded the honor of ¡°Economic Construction and Civilization Construction¡±meted by Shantou Chenghai CPC Shantou Chenghai People¡¯s government annually also being awarded the title of¡°Large Taxpayer¡±.
2011 it participated the drafting and formulation of the first Federal Union Standard In China for ¡°Motor for Toy¡± Series .
2011 it was recognized as ¡°Guangdong Contractable & Honorable Enterprise¡±by Guangdong Commercial Administrative Bureau.
2012 it was awarded ¡°the certificate for Guangdong Provincial Science & Technical Private Enterprise¡±,which meted by Guangdong Provincial Technical Bureau.
2012 ¡°the electric brush device for brush DC Micro Motor¡±that developed independently by our company has got the certificate of National Invention Patent meted by State Intellectual Property Office.
2012 it was awarded the certificate covering altogether 10 items of practical & innovative models meted by State Intellectual Property Office the 10 items are listed respectively as below:¡°The Improved Structure of Circular Flat Tri-slot DC Micro Motor¡± ¡°The Structure-improved Circular Flat Tri-slot DC Micro Motor¡± ¡°Cylindrical Shape Tri-slot core Micro Motor with improved end cap ¡± ¡°Circular and Flat Shaped Tri-slot DC core Micro Motor with Improved Outer Shell for Motor¡± ¡°Flat Circular Tri-slot DC Core Micro Motor¡± ¡°the Assembly Equipment for Outer Shell of Micro Motor and Bearing¡± ¡°One Kind of Miniature Motor Shell¡± ¡°One Kind of Miniature Motor Step Sleeve¡± ¡°One Kind of Miniature of End Cap Welding Tool for Micro Motor ¡°One Kind of Spot Welding device¡±.
2012 the item of ¡°Integrated Spindle Structure of Rare Earth Porcelain series of Coreless Motor¡± was awarded Substantial Technical Item,which meted by Guangdong Technical Bureau¡± and it is one substantial technical breakthrough for Coreless Motor.
2012 it was awarded the title of ¡°Guangdong Famous Trade Mark¡± and ¡°Guangdong Branded Product¡±.
2013 it was awarded the ISO14001:2004 EMS Certification meted by SGS.
2014 it was awarded the national high-tech enterprises certification.
2014 "Integration of spindle structure of rare earth magnetic hollow cup series of micro motor" project through the Guangdong Province Shantou City Bureau of science and technology achievements appraisal; obtain a patent of invention and two utility model patents, at present our company has three patents, 17 utility model patents.
2015 "Guangdong province famous brand products"
2015 Shantou engineering technology research and Development Center
2015 Shantou high tech enterprises to become a member of the Association
2015 won the award of Excellence Award
2015 enterprise restructuring for the joint-stock company, renamed the ¡°Guangdong chaoli motor company Limited "
2015 Guangdong province has become the micro motor engineering technology research center
2016 Successfully listed three new board
2017 it obtained ISO 9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015 Certificate meted by SGS.

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